Welcome to PGML.de

Hello there, my name is Rico and I love to take photographs.
Don't care whether digital, analogue, slr or overpriced lomo cameras.

I mostly shoot nature – from the beautiful landscapes of our planet, via wild animals (that sometimes unfortunately live in cages) through to the everyday life of good looking finger puppets.

I currently live in Dresden – the capital city of Saxony – working as a webdeveloper.

So, now that you read and know more then you probably wanted to...
Stop reading and start looking!

Latest Photos

A Gloomy Day In Saxon Switzerland

On our little day trip up the Schrammsteine the weather got worse – the sun left and a lot of clouds suddenly came out.
One of them said to us: »Hello you little humans, we brought you some rain. Enjoy! :)«…stupid clouds!

Glen Rosa, Glen Rosa

Beautiful morning on Arran

Enjoying Quiraing

We really enjoyed this walk! Definitely a must do on Skye!